Interview: George Ezra – 03/05/2014 (Live At Leeds)‏

Pyramid Online

By Jack Kenny

‘Unfortunately, it’s so un-rock and roll,’ George Ezra apologises as he welcomes me into his hotel room. ‘The first interview I had today, I made them cups of tea but I’m afraid those were my only teabags. Would you like a Cherry Drop instead?’ Talk quickly turns to food. ‘If my music were a sandwich… it would be the type of sandwich that comes in a meal deal, with a colourful juice. Salmon…’ (he notices my disappointment) ‘… and jelly beans? One slice of white bread, one slice of brown bread, to show the different sides of my music. Wow, this sandwich talk is quite deep, actually.’

He rarely stops chuckling throughout our chat. When we discuss the back story of ‘petan’, a word he uses on Twitter to describe pretty much anything, he offers, ‘I think it gets people ready for the fact that I don’t take…

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