Interview: Eva Stone

Pyramid Online

By Jack Kenny

It’s the day before my 22nd birthday. I am sat in Barburrito, jalapeños falling out of my mouth, whilst an old friend opposite me gestures despairingly to her almost-pristine white jeans. ‘I sat on my Toffee Crisp on the train here. I look like I’ve had an accident.’ It should all be a rather normal affair. Except I am painfully aware of the dictaphone that lies on the table between us. Because today I am not catching up with Eva Stone the friend, but I am instead interviewing Eva Stone the musician, Eva Stone the singer-songwriter who has less than an hour to kill before she plays at The Cockpit as part of Live at Leeds Festival.

Ever since we met on a National Youth Theatre course in London in 2007, Eva has been slowly making a name for herself with dark, brooding soul songs matched with…

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