All of the highlights – Latitude Festival 2014

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Gen Williams

For me the best part of Friday definitely kicked off with Kelis on the Obelisk Stage – Milkshake was a life defining moment for everyone involved and the random guy blowing massive bubbles only accentuated that special occasion. Next up Crystal Fighters left me smiling for the rest of the evening “Love Natural” and “I Love London” were without a doubt set highlights., Lily Allen QUEEN SLAY – that is all.

Jack Kenny

Do you remember your first gig? The first concert without your parents, when you really let loose and didn’t care how stupid you looked because you were having the time of your life? Well, I don’t. But I feel like I helped a group of the coolest kids to experience that feeling at Crystal Fighters’ set on the Friday of Latitude.

As the band ran onstage in a blur of feathers and headdresses, Josie…

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