Haim Time: Round 1

I never get excited about Leeds Festival anymore: the line-up isn’t ever up to much; it’s the end of the festival season when I’m absolutely exhausted; it is always muddy, and it is always full of drunk 17-year-old idiots (which I unfortunately was at Leeds 2009). So I wasn’t too reluctant to accept the promotion, which meant I worked 9am-5pm Wednesday-Monday. I was still able to see most of the bands I wanted to. The job itself, which involved being in charge of up to 30 volunteers across two campsites and being the first point of call for any issue on those campsites, was pretty stressful and it took a while for me to find my feet.


But when I look back on Leeds Festival, I don’t look back on the hours of trying to control all my volunteers or searching every single tent left behind on Monday morning searching for dead bodies (seriously). I will remember that afternoon when Este Haim brazenly took myself, Matthew, Amy and Leah backstage at the NME stage to hang out with her. I will remember sitting in Haim’s cabin for a good hour, drinking Jack Daniels, discussing everything and everyone. I will remember Este wiping mud off my leg with an empty Percy Pigs wrapper. I will remember Este feeding me apple pie and custard in the catering tent then screaming ‘DISCLOSURE ARE ON NOW! LET’S GO WATCH!’

I will remember discussing the Disclosure phenomenon side of stage with Danielle Haim. I will remember screaming Phoenix lyrics in Este’s face. I will remember being threatened by a member of Azealia Banks’ people until I deleted a photo I took of her. I will remember cursing Azealia for not letting anyone stand side of stage. I will remember her subsequently applauding and smiling at us when she came off stage. I will remember at Este’s DJ set later that night when she took to the mic and said ‘I guess you could say today has been one of the best days ever… I’ve made some new friends’ while looking at us. I WILL REMEMBER THAT DAY FOR EVER.


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