Gig review: MS MR at The Cockpit, Leeds 21/11/13

Pyramid Online

By Jack Kenny

The effortlessly cool Max Hershenow and Lizzy Plapinger seem to dwarf the smaller of The Cockpit’s main stages, as they saunter on in their matching leather jackets. Minutes before they walk on, the pair can be spotted side of stage, running around in a circle together, perhaps releasing some steam before the dark and brooding intensity of set opener Bones. It works. New addition to the ensemble, multi-instrumentalist David adds a rocky grittiness to the song with his electric guitar. It is a refreshing start to what subsequently returns to the comforting predictability of a MS MR gig: the unsurprising setlist; Lizzy’s trademark shoulder shaking when expected; Max stepping away from his keyboard right on cue for a salsa dance with his best friend… Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The first half of the setlist is packed full of examples of MS MR…

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